Hands-Free Operations
Patented Fall Detection and SOS Alert
Press For SOS
Smart Lighting
Brake Warning Lights
Front LED Light
One-Click Answer
PTT Walkie-Talkie
Voice Navigation
One-Click Voice Command
Auto On/Off
Anti-Loss Alarm
Battery Status
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Color :
Size :
M 21.25-22.83 in (54-58 cm)
L 22.44-24.01 in ( 57-61 cm)
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Sound by JBL

LIVALL BH51M NSO is the only helmet with Sound by JBL that delivers better sound quality for music and phone calls. It utilizes open ear speakers so you can enjoy music while maintaining situational awareness. The size of speakers increased by 57%, the sensitivity increased by 5dB, and the resonance frequency decreased by 180Hz. The sound quality of the bass is rich and full and the mid-treble is clear.

FIDLOCK Magnetic Buckle

Experience the ease of fastening your helmet with a simple snap, thanks to the FIDLOCK magnetic buckle. Say goodbye to struggling with traditional buckles and embrace a seamless, hassle-free riding adventure. Ride confidently knowing your helmet is equipped with cutting-edge technology, prioritizing your safety at every turn.

Auto On/Off

Power on once to start your ride, and let it take care of the rest. It automatically activates within 4 seconds upon wearing and powers down when removed—no more hassle with buttons. Plus, its LED lights adjust brightness automatically, conserving battery whether you're on dim trails or bright city streets.

Long Battery Life

With a battery life of up to 12 hours, you can wear BH51M NSO for a week or more before needing to recharge. Even in -20°C environments, our low-temperature batteries retain around 80% capacity.

Equipped with front lights and rear lights, BH51M NSO has 53 built-in LED lights, providing smart lighting functions such as brake warning lights, turn signals and automatic sensor lighting, which will warn vehicles in every direction for safer riding.
Smart Lighting Smart Lighting
LIVALL has been at the forefront of rider safety, continuously refining our fall detection and SOS alert systems. The BH51M NSO features our latest patented technology, offering the most advanced patented fall detection and SOS alert. Also, it has undergone rigorous testing and certification to meet international helmet safety standards, including CPSC 1203, EN 1078, AS/NZS 2063, ensuring utmost protection for users.
Top Safety, Top Priority Top Safety, Top Priority
When the helmet is connected with phone and the distance between the helmet and phone exceeds 65 feet (20 meters), both the helmet and phone will sound an alarm to alert the user.
Anti-loss Alarm Anti-loss Alarm
With the remote controller mounted on the handlebars, users can effortlessly control the helmet's turn signals, one-click answer, one-click voice command and PTT walkie-talkie without taking their hands off the grips, ensuring their safety on the road.
Hands-free Operations Hands-free Operations
Head circumference
Charging port
Magnetic USB, DC 5V/1A, Charging time Approx. 3hrs
Battery capacity
3.7V/800mAh, 12 hrs for lighting, 5-8hrs for music and lighting
Bluetooth Distance
Max. 10m if no blocks
JBL -40±3dB
JBL 1W*2
Standby Endurance
Max. 180 days

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Clive Ang
NSO helmet

The helmet is great with the JBL speaker. But the remote control is not so, it sometimes works and sometimes it doesn’t, it’s frustrating not knowing if the remote control is working every morning.

Dirk Kader
The BH51M NSO Urban is fantastic

I love the BH51M NSO, the sound is really good ! Much better compared to my other LIVALL helmet LIVALL BH 60 SE and the LIVALL MT1 NEO
Unfortunately I had some technical problems with the bluetooth connection, looks like I got a defect helmet.
However, contacted the support, will return the helmet and they will send me a new BH51M NSO.

Stephane Canipel
As good as the first one

This is my second helmet, I needed another one at another location for also enjoying the pleasure to listen my favorite radio stations while riding.

Giovanni de Ferranti
Fantastic sound, quite comfortable (but size too small), BR80 remote battery was dead

I'm usually size Medium but I had to use the helmet at the absolute maximum size which is only just acceptable. The stereo sound is great and I do not have to use more than @80% volume to drown noisy traffic (low enough to be aware of my surroundings) It was easy to use the IOS APP to set it up. The BR80 remote control was a major challenge. I tried to update the Helmet software, BT connect and un-connect, restarted e.t.c... in the end I changed the battery and it connected almost instantly. Its buttons are difficult to operate with thick Winter gloves! They are fine without. The helmet feels quite lightweight. The loud voice prompts are great. It is a bit strange that the minimum operating temperature is 0 degrees Centigrade. I intend to test it down to -20 for @45 minutes. I hope the battery doesn't die like my I-Phone after 10 minutes, if exposed to the cold!!! (I bike to work all year, literally)

Luc Simonnet

Great purchase !