Bling Helmet BH62

Multi-functional lightweight helmet.

Bling Helmet BH62



Head circumference 55-61cm

Bicycle, Skateboard, Roller Skating, Hoverboard, etc.

warning lights and indicators

Stylish LED warning lights up to automobile security standard makes you love night riding. 

Barrier free communication

One touch phone taking. 

Communicate while riding with easy cooperation between teammates.

#Connection to Livall App through the internet is required(which causes some telecommunication cost) to realize this function.#

In the name of speed

Streamlined outlook with lightning pattern design

The precise tension adjusting system secures fitting to different head sizes and addresses concerns on both safety and comfort.

25 vents air flow

The unique ventilation design based on aerodynamics effectively improves air cooling, reduces wind resistance.  

Integral molding

Constructed through unibody molding with imported American EPS foam and high quality polycarbonate. 

A lighter helmet with better protection.

The Nylon strap, with reliable stretching resistance, will not be distorted by water or sweat.

Security Certification