Top 3 Cycling Equipment That Are Worth Investing In


When faced with busy work and complex interpersonal communication, quite a few people claim that they enjoy riding a bicycle to relax 

after work or at weekends. During that journey, they gain the chance to get along with only themselves without anything in their minds.

 If you happen to be a cycling fan, you can check this article right now, and we wish you can pick the best helper here.


By riding a bicycle, people can not only embrace the beautiful nature and life, but also seize the moment of incredible depth and richness, 

of authenticity and connection. To help you solve some annoying problems during your riding, 3 useful cycling equipment is presented 

as follows.

1. Smart Helmet


Gone are the days when helmets are only associated with protection equipment. As the world's first smart and safe cycling helmet 

brand, LIVALL has been dedicated to creating versatile smart helmet instead of the traditional helmet. This company currently 

obtain more than 170 patents and have received more than 10 international certifications, including CPSC1203, EN1078, CE,FCC,

 NCC, ROHS, BQB, etc. Now let’s check one popular smart helmet from it.


Robust, waterproof, fashionable Bling Helmet BH51 M from LIVALL gains an increasing number of customers’ attention. With mics

 and speakers built-in, this smart helmet can connect with your phone via Bluetooth and be charged via USB. The LED warning light 

and flashing turn signal lights are crucial for giving warnings to cars behind you and improve the probability of being seen, which 

much make sure your safety. If you do night riding, these advantages of this smart helmet can absolutely catch your eyes. The

 ability to hear turn-by-turn directions or taking calls without looking at your phone is a significant safety plus as well. Most 

importantly,when you wearing this smart helmet equipped with SOS Alert system, it can send immediate notification

 of your accident to your family.

2. Smart Lock


Imagine this: you finally received your favorite bicycle and then you rode it to some beautiful sites, but you forgot to lock it. When

 coming back to your bike, you found that it was gone. Rather than convincing you to check the lock every time youleave your bike, 

we have one better: show you the reason why smart lock attracts many buyers across the world these years.


Take I LOCK IT as an example. This intelligent lock provides multilevel security with a tough locking bolt and robust materials. It should

 be noted that it is compatible with iOS and Android but not cell phones with Windows operating system. If you approach your bicycle,

 this smart lock will unlock automatically since it detects your signal. While you reach your destination and leave your bike, your bike will 

be locked without your instruction. All of that happens without the search for your keys and the time consuming about locking your bike.

 What's more, it has a powerful alarm system to scare thieves off.

3. Smart Navigation


For one thing, it’s of great danger to use your phone to navigate when you are riding your bike with one hand. For another, traditional 

computer displays set on your bike can be difficult to parse in a short time. While a Smarthalo can solve both the problems above, which

 can help you completely concentrate on the road. 


Simply set your destination in the app, pick your favorite route type and then put your phone in your pocket – you’re free to go. The

 luminous halo will guide you, lighting up and gradually filling up in the direction of your incoming turn. This magic halo can play another 

vital role in your riding. As soon as the sun sets, this gadget’s light turns on automatically. When your journey is finished, it shuts down

 on its own. What’s more, you don’t need to try hard to remember where you parked your bike, just simply open the APP and find out

 the last known location to get your bike.


Now that you’ve gone through all the cycling equipment including smart lock, smart helmet and smart navigation we mention, we

 believe you can have a better ride with a trustworthy helper.