Meet the Future: Smart Helmet and What You Should Know About It


As a big fan of cycling, apart from taking concern about selecting a high-performance bicycle, you must also be prudent to choose a 

helmet. Indeed, a cycling helmet is of huge importance during a trip, providing not only protection but sometimes also comfort and 

decoration. When the traditional helmet can no longer cater to the stringent requirement of cycling, here comes the smart helmet.

The smart helmet is a helmet using advanced techniques as well as mobile connection to create a more controllable and intelligent 

helmet. But what exactly could the smart helmet bring to you? You might find answers in the following parts.

Redefine your personal safety

With a high rate of accidents on the road, it's a fundamental need to ensure personal safety while cycling. The traditional helmet may 

provide protection only by firm materials, but its smart counterpart is now using high-tech for protection.

1/Warning Lights and Indicators

The intelligent helmet is always designed with lights at the back, which ensures a secure night riding. Whenever you make a turning 

or encounter some emergency, the helmet could sense the situation and turn on the warning lights and indicators automatically. 

If in need, you could turn the warning lights on by yourself as well.

2/Fall Detection

With sensor inserted inside the smart helmet, it could be aware when you are riding normally and when you are falling down. After 

sensing some emergency, it will carry out some measures to turn on the warning lights as well as sending emergency messages.

3/SOS Alert

Smart helmet connected to your mobile phone, it could send immediate notification of your accident to your family (your emergency 

contact on your mobile, so as to avoid unnecessary harm caused by a lack of assistance. Both you and your family will set your minds 

at rest with this humanized design.

Enrich your cycling experience

We know that cycling is not only for commuting but also for a sportive and dynamic lifestyle. That's why comfortableness plays a 

vital part in cycling. The smart helmet is here to help as well.

1/Bluetooth Music

You could connect your smart helmet with the phones and listen to your favorite music from your musical list. One-touch control is 

enough to start and stop the music without complicated operation. With beautiful sounds coming out from your helmet, it's perfect 

for enjoying your cycling time.

2/Free Communication with Your Companion

Using the same type of smart helmet, you could feel free to connect your helmet with another, making it possible to talk through 

the helmet. Such functions remove worry about the telephone charges, and it's safer to speak through helmet but not a mobile 


Pick your stylish design

Cycling being a representative of life attitude, the design of a smart helmet could speak for your lifestyle as well. In the era of personality, 

the smart helmet is designed to be lighter and more fashionable. Various shapes and colors are available for smart helmet, and some even 

own unique designs for heat radiation, etc.

With so many advantages of the smart helmet, you must be eager to know which brand to choose. After making careful comparison 

among famous helmet brands, we have finally focused on LIVALL, a smart helmet brand that has less than 5 years history but more than 

170 patents, as well as numerous certifications and awards. They have been expertise at producing smart helmet for bicycle, skateboard, 

roller skating, hoverboard, E-bike, etc. Every smart helmet has uniqueness for a specific use, but the core of safety and comfort is shown in 

each of them. A sporty, smart helmet BH60SE is an outstanding example of fitting the needs to be safe and multifunctional. It's not only 

stylish but suitable for different head sizes and does good in keeping cool.

Release your desire to embrace a new trend; the smart helmet is gearing up  for your ideal cycling life. If you are looking for a smart 

helmet,take a long look at LIVALL’s Bling Helmet BH60SE. You don’t want to miss it!