Smartest lighting helmet LIVALL EVO21 on top lists for holiday gifts this year

LIVALL EVO21 is uniquely designed to be brighter, safer, and lighter than other helmets in the market.

November 16, 2021: Those looking for the ideal holiday gift for the fitness enthusiast in the family or the biker buddy need not look further. New advanced LIVALL EVO21 helmet is reportedly ruling the holiday gift charts in the fitness category this year. A revolution in the contemporary helmet scene, the EVO21 is the smartest lighting helmet in the world, armed with cutting-edge features like 2700 rear light, SOS alert system, and patented fall detection technology.

The EVO21 has won the prestigious iF Gold Award 2021.

In an exclusive interview, the leading spokesperson from LIVALL shared that they have been in the pursuit of designing the perfect smart helmet for the last 7 years and the latest EVO21 is the crowning achievement of the company. Backed by innovative design and state-of-the-art technology, the LIVALL EVO21 is brighter, safer, and lighter in comparison to any other helmet in the current market.

One of the major USPs of LIVALL EVO21 is surely its genuine 3600 visibility quotient. In the world of the spokesperson –

“Yes, some helmet brands do claim to offer 3600 visibility but they often can’t live up to their words. It’s not the case with us; our EVO21 assures authentic 3600 coverage and also comes with turn signals and warning light to ensure easy visibility from all directions.  We have designed the helmet with wide-angle front lights as well as super bright 270° rear lights to optimize the rider’s visibility even at long ranges. Alongside, the Smart LEDs help to signal surrounding drivers the biker’s next step. So, whether you ride on or stop, or turn, other drivers in your proximity will be notified ahead so that they can take the next step accordingly.”

“For further safety of the rider, the helmet also comes with 3 dynamic light effects that ensure the rider gets easily noticed on the street even at night. Our EVO21 is all about improved safety and also elevated style. It’s just the thing you need to express your care and love for your fitness freak brother or that dear biker friend this holiday season.”

The handlebars come with a remote control attachment that enables the riders to switch the LED light easily with just a press on the handlebar.

Another major reason behind the rising popularity of EVO21 is its handy lightweight contour.  The helmet just weighs 350g, and coupled with 30% more ventilation, EVO21 assures a faster ride.

“Our new advanced LIVALL EVO21 has been designed with the rider’s safety in mind. In that light, we have equipped the helmet with a patented fall detection technology that will make you alert when there is a risk of fall. And if you ever meet with a mishap or an accident, the SOS Alert of the helmet would immediately alert your emergency contacts, based on your current GPS location.”

Top features of LIVALL EVO21:

  • Brighter, lighter and safe than other helmets in the market
  • Genuine 3600 visibility
  • Super bright 270° rear lights
  • Automatic brake warning light
  • Turn signals
  • Optimum ventilation
  • 350g ultra lightweight
  • Patented SOS system
  • 10-hour battery life

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