The LIVALL BH60SE NEO: The Smart Cycling Helmet You Never Knew You Needed - A Professional Team Review

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As part of our review team we've had the pleasure of trying out cycling helmets but none have left as strong an impression, as the LIVALL BH60SE NEO. This bike helmet isn't a safety accessory; it's a piece of technology crafted to elevate your cycling adventures. We took the BH60SE NEO for a test spin to explore its features, advantages and possible drawbacks. Here's a comprehensive overview of this cutting edge helmet.

Exploring the Features of the LIVALL BH60SE NEO Smart Helmet

Prioritizing Safety

One highlight of the LIVALL BH60SE NEO is its focus on safety. This helmet has undergone testing. Meets stringent international safety standards such as CPSC 1203 and EN1078. With this certification you can ride with peace of mind knowing your head is well shielded. In our evaluations we discovered that the helmet strikes a balance, between sturdiness and lightweight design ensuring both comfort and protection.

Stay ConnectedSetting itself apart from helmets the LIVALL BH60SE NEO integrates Bluetooth technology seamlessly. When paired with your phone an alarm will sound on both devices if they move beyond a distance of 65 feet (20 meters) keeping you alert and connected throughout your ride.This function guarantees that you never forget your phone providing an added level of convenience and security.

Operating Hands Free

Say goodbye to struggling with buttons before you start your ride. Simply power on begin cycling. Let the BH60SE NEO handle the rest. It kicks in automatically within 4 seconds of wearing it. Turns off when removed. This hands free functionality is a game changer, for cyclists aiming to concentrate on the road


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Adjustable LED Lighting

Visibility is key for cyclists in lighting conditions. The BH60SE NEO’s LED light adapts its brightness based on your surroundings whether you're navigating trails or bright urban streets. This not boosts visibility. Also conserves battery life ensuring your helmet is always prepared for your next adventure.

Easily Monitor Battery Level

No one enjoys being caught off guard with a drained battery. With the BH60SE NEO you can conveniently check the battery status via the taillight. This feature enables you to plan your rides effectively guaranteeing you always have power, for your trip.

Incorporated Bluetooth Speaker and Remote Control

Among the standout features of the BH60SE NEO is its integrated Bluetooth speaker and remote control.

This configuration enables users to manage calls utilize voice commands with a touch navigate routes and make use of the PTT intercom whenever needed. In our trial runs we noticed that the sound quality was excellent and the controls were easy to understand allowing for connectivity and information access while prioritizing safety.

Alert System for Emergencies

The BH60SE NEOs sensors heighten safety by detecting falls. In case of an accident the helmet automatically sends a text message alert containing your GPS coordinates to your designated emergency contact after 90 seconds. This feature offers reassurance by ensuring help is swiftly reachable.

Remote Control on Handlebars

By installing a control on the handlebars users can effortlessly manage turn signals answer calls with a touch give voice commands and engage in PTT intercom communications without needing to take their hands off the handlebars. This setup ensures focus remains on the road for riding safety.

LIVALL light helmet BH60SE NEO

How Good is a Helmet with Bluetooth Support

The integration of Bluetooth support in the BH60SE NEO transforms how cyclists communicate and navigate. Testing the helmet in bustling streets and secluded trails revealed its convenience, in receiving directions and making calls without pausing during rides.

The voice command function worked smoothly allowing us to operate hands free and ensuring our journeys were seamless and uninterrupted.

The automatic LED lights not increase visibility. Also adjust to the surroundings. During our night rides the lights adapted perfectly making sure we were visible to both drivers and pedestrians. The distance alert system also came in handy preventing phone loss and adding a layer of security to our rides.

Wearing the BH60SE NEO helmet is an experience. Its lightweight design didn't cause any discomfort on rides. The helmet's automatic on/off feature is a yet significant convenience that removes the need for operation. Moreover being able to check the battery status through the taillight is a feature that keeps you informed

In our view the LIVALL BH60SE NEO goes beyond being a helmet; it serves as a comprehensive safety and communication tool for modern cyclists. Its integration of functions, like Bluetooth automatic lighting and fall detection sets it apart from helmets. Whether you're a rider or an avid cyclist this helmet elevates your biking experience by providing both protection and convenience.

LIVALL light helmet BH60SE NEO

Who Would Benefit from Using the BH60SE NEO Smart Helmet

Imagine yourself biking through a city searching for that trendy vegan bakery everyones been raving about. You're constantly checking your phone for directions looking down and missing turns – it's both stressful and unsafe.

Alternatively picture a ride with your buddy where you have to shout over the traffic noise just to have a conversation. By the end of the day your voice is hoarse, from all the yelling.

Perhaps you prefer solo rides enjoying the freedom to listen to your music or an intriguing true crime podcast. Dealing with earbuds or headphones can be frustrating – wires get tangled up earbuds keep falling out. You feel disconnected from your surroundings, which can pose risks.

Maybe you're a commuter racing against time and anxious about missing important calls while navigating through multiple red lights.

The LIVALL BH60SE NEO smart helmet is tailored to tackle these obstacles more. Lets delve into the standout features that set this helmet apart.

LIVALL light helmet BH60SE NEO

Personal Opinions on This Smart Helmet, from Our Team Members

Tony, Daily Commuter Rider 4.5/5

"As someone who commutes every day I must say that the LIVALL BH60SE NEO has truly revolutionized my riding experience."The integration of Bluetooth, in the helmet lets me enjoy music while cycling avoiding the annoyance of dealing with earbuds that constantly slip out.

The helmet is super comfy not making my commute safer but also more pleasant. The automatic lighting is a game changer for morning rides ensuring I'm always visible to vehicles.

Jackson, Avid Long Distance Cyclist 4.8/5

I'm amazed, by how the battery lasts on the BH60SE NEO helmet. Being a long distance cyclist I often spend hours on my bike. This helmet has never disappointed me. The feature that allows me to check the battery status through the taillight is fantastic—it gives me peace of mind knowing I won't run out of power during my rides. The fall detection and alert system are additions providing a layer of safety during solo trips.

Linda, Leader of Group Cycling Excursions 4.7/5

The BH60SE NEO has significantly enhanced our group cycling experiences. With its built in speaker and remote control communication has become much smoother. I can easily give directions and updates without having to compete with traffic noise.

The helmet is really comfy. Fits well. The LED lights make sure everyone can see us no matter how bright or dark it is."

Mike, Casual Cyclist 4.6/5

"For me someone who cycles on weekends the BH60SE NEO is what I need for both ease and safety. I love that it turns on automatically – I can just wear it and go without any steps. The fall detection feature gives me peace of mind knowing my contacts will be alerted if something happens.. Having Bluetooth is a bonus, for listening to music or podcasts while riding."

Sarah Fitness Enthusiast Cyclist 4.9/5

"As a fitness cyclist I appreciate how well the BH60SE NEO fits into my routine. Being able to connect to fitness apps via Bluetooth keeps me motivated during my rides with real time updates. The helmets light weight ensures comfort on rides and the LED lights and safety features give me confidence in its protection, on the road.


Following testing we can assert with certainty that the LIVALL BH60SE NEO is essential, for cyclists seeking to elevate their biking experience through technology. Its blend of safety functionalities seamless Bluetooth connectivity and intuitive layout sets it apart as a pick, in the industry. If you desire a helmet that goes beyond safeguarding and provides added value the BH60SE NEO is the gem you've been missing out on.


How does the fall detection feature work?
The helmet has special sensors that detect a fall. If a fall is detected, a text message alert with your GPS location is sent to your preset emergency contact after 90 seconds, ensuring you receive help if needed.

Can I control the helmet’s features without stopping my ride?
Yes, the helmet comes with a handlebar remote control that allows you to manage turn signals, answer calls, and use voice commands without removing your hands from the handlebars.

How long does the battery last?
The battery life depends on usage, but with the automatic LED lighting and Bluetooth features, it’s designed to last through several long rides. You can check the battery status through the taillight to ensure it’s charged before your ride.

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