Hands-Free Operations
Patented Fall Detection and SOS Alert
Press For SOS
Smart Lighting
Brake Warning Lights
Front LED Light
One-Click Answer
PTT Walkie-Talkie
Voice Navigation
One-Click Voice Command
Auto On/Off
Anti-Loss Alarm
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Color :
Size :
M 21.25-22.83 in (54-58cm)
L 22.44-24.01 in (57-61cm)
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Top Safety, Top Priority

LIVALL BH51M Neo has undergone rigorous testing and certification to meet international helmet safety standards, including CPSC 1203, EN1078, AS/NZS 2063, ensuring utmost protection for users.

Anti-loss Alarm

When the helmet is connected with phone and the distance between the helmet and phone exceeds 65 feet (20 meters), both the helmet and phone will sound an alarm to alert the user.

Long Battery Life

Experience ultimate comfort and personalized fit with its adjustable head circumference feature, ensuring a snug and secure fit for every ride. Say goodbye to battery anxiety with its extended endurance, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted rides without worrying about recharging.

Auto On/Off

Power on once to start your ride, and let it take care of the rest. It automatically activates within 4 seconds upon wearing and powers down when removed—no more hassle with buttons. Plus, its LED lights adjust brightness automatically, conserving battery whether you're on dim trails or bright city streets.

BH51M NEO is best bike helmet which is safer for every rider. At the smae time, Equipped with front lights and rear lights, BH51M NSO has 53 built-in LED lights, providing smart lighting functions such as brake warning lights, turn signals and automatic sensor lighting, which will warn vehicles in every direction for safer riding.
Smart Lighting Smart Lighting
BH51M Neo with built-in Bluetooth speakers, paired with remote controller, allows users to answer calls, one-click voice commands, navigation, and PTT walkie-talkie anytime, anywhere.
High Quality Speakers High Quality Speakers
With the remote controller mounted on the handlebars, users can effortlessly control the helmet's turn signals, one-click answer, one-click voice command and PTT walkie-talkie without taking their hands off the grips, ensuring their safety on the road.
Hands-free Operations Hands-free Operations
As the first brand to actualize patented Fall Detection & SOS Alert function in outdoor sports, BH51M Neo has special sensors that can detect your fall when an accident happens. An SMS alert will be sent to your preset emergency contacts with GPS location after 90 seconds.
Patented Fall Detection & SOS Alert Patented Fall Detection & SOS Alert
Head circumference
Charging port
Magnetic USB, DC 5V/1A, Charging time Approx. 3hrs
Battery capacity
3.7V/600mAh, 10 hrs for lighting, 3-6 hrs for music and lighting
Bluetooth Distance
Max. 10m if no blocks
2 x 0.5W
Standby Endurance
Max. 180 days

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Excellent helmet with even more excellent sound

Excellent helmet with even more excellent sound. I added exchangeable vizor and a rearview mirror. the fit is perfect, but I would like to see this helmet with your original vizor.

Wiesław Raj
Kask rowerowy.

Bardzo dobry produkt, świetnie pracują głośniczki. Bardzo łatwe w powiązaniu z telefonem. Jestem pozytywnie zaskoczony, chociaż waga do poprzedniego kasku znacznie wzrosła wyraźnie to odpoczywam polecam wszystkim

Ashida Takayuki


Safe secure excellent

This helmet is very functional and comfy it works as stated but I actually was hit by a truck and what witnesses said I went airborne and hit hard, broken pelvis and vertabre . The helmet saved my brains and life it has some marring and scratches but it still works. I will, when I recoup, wear it with pride and when asked will say it saved my life, let me add I am a retired fireman of 32 years and I do know the value of good head protection. Thanks for a finely made helmet

Paul Thompson

Just received two, so far the product is very well designed and crafted. Fit and finish are outstanding!